""Hello and Welcome to man guard presa canario kennels situated in the west midlands, uk.
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about us

Producing some of the best working Presa Canarios

We are a kennels based in the UK, dedicated to breeding perro de presa canarios that conform to the true type established and maintained by the legend Manuel Curto.

All of the dogs that are retained by the kennels are fully trained as personal protection dogs and live as family pets.

At Manguard Kennels we pride ourselves on breeding top quality guards that not only make good stable family pets but will also work to the highest level of protection work.

All our dogs are kept in prime condition.  

I try to breed as closely to the 'breed standard' as possible; however I will never compromise temperament and health for 'fashion'. I firmly believe that a good temperament in the perro de presa canario is of paramount importance.

Why choose man guard kennels?

excellent pedigree

All of Manguard Presa Canario's are purebred dating back to pre generation ancestry with complete records.

Stable Temperment

Genetically inherited stable temperaments and fully trained to adapt in challenging environments.

Family pets

All of Manguard Presa Canario's are family pets bought up around children inside our homes.

working dogs

Versatile at protecting your property as well as exceptional companions.